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Versatile. That’s one way to describe our products. We are a total, one-stop solution that meets your every upward-acting-door need. Featuring premium materials, superior craftsmanship and innovative functions, our products continue to lead the industry, underscoring a legacy of quality, expertise and integrity.

If you’re looking for a stylish garage door that is a statement of your good taste, we have customized solutions that fit your family’s lifestyle. Or if it’s the safety and security of an integrated, commercial door and operator system that your workplace needs, Overhead Door makes operating your facility safer and easier. Our products are manufactured to give you durable, long-lasting performance for years of extended use and trouble-free operation.

Custom Flashing and Cladding  is also available.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

We are an authorized independent wholesaler and erector of Wedgcor Steel Building System.
View our Steel Buildings Gallery

Over Head Doors

We carry residential garage doors, openers and accessories &  commercial and industrial overhead doors, operators and accessories.

Gutter Protection Systems

A continuous eaves-trough fastening system that significantly strengthens new eaves-troughs while incorporating a gutter cover that protects them from damage by leaves, ice, and ladders.

S-5! Snow Retention Systems

Manage dangerous shifting snow movement with our retention systems that attach to your metal roof without damaging panels and without jeopardizing material and weather-tightness warranties.

SSR Roofing Systems

A high quality painted steel product with a life expectancy of 30+ years. Available in more than 30 colours. View the SSR Roofing Systems Gallery. Available in the following product types:

2″ Standing Seam Structural Panel
@24 ga. 12″ – 20″ widths
1” Snapseam Hidden Fastener
@24 ga. 12” – 20” widths
snap seam
1 1/2” Standing Seam Panel @24 ga.
12” – 20” widths
standing seam
Agricultural panel 29ga. 36” width ag panel